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Project Description
A small utility for managing the inputs and outputs from a matrix switch via RS-232.

Developed in WPF (VB9) and running on the .Net3.5SP1 framework.

This Project may also be of use to people wishing to understand:
  • The WPF Futures themes and how to impliment them (also inheriting styles)
  • Working with XML files using LINQ
  • Cumunicating with the com port in WPF
  • WPF XML databinding to multiple combo boxes

More Information

This Project was created so that a Procon 7500-1 8X8 Video Matrix switcher could be managed remotely, and so that it could be switched to different functions very quickly.

It should be very easy to customise and add the ability to manage more (or less) inputs and outputs. Or change the information sent to the com port, if you wish to use a device from a different model/manufacturer, although it may work with most of the 7000 series of procon switchers as is.

Main Window (pic1)

Main Window (pic2)

Main Window (pic3)

Settings Window

Com port cable
If you need to make an RS-232 cable to manage this device it needs to be wired as follows:

RS232 connection on unit is by 3.5mm skt.

RS-232 Switcher
Tip - TX
Ring- RX
Sleeve – Ground

RS-232 Computer (DB9)

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